Review Manga : 666 Satan

666 Satan is a manga by Kishimoto Seishi, the brother of the guy who does Naruto. The story is about Jio Freed, a small boy bent on conquering the world. He is an O.P.T, an O-Part Tactician. O.P.T.S. have the power to activate the effects of O-parts, relics from an ancient civilization, now extinct. Jio has led a lonely life because strange events happen around him and people die brutally when they meet him. He meets Ruby Crescent, a treasure hunter who wants to be like her murdered father, in his quest they quickly become friends. On their way, another O.P.T attacks them and just as Ruby is about to get killed, Jio reveals the mysterious personality hiding inside him: Satan.

The manga is similar to Naruto in many ways but the mangaka explains it in the first chapter (it seems that they were both influenced by the same things). At first the plot is a bit slow to pick up but it gets interesting as you go further into the story. We learn more about Rubys father and his connections to the Republic of Stea, a nation that collects O-parts for its own use. Along the way, Jio and Ruby meet more people who quickly become their friends and we can see how they change Jios way of thinking. The reader encounters the main part of the story early in the manga: Satan emerges from Jio and defeats a more powerful O.P.T. As the plot deepens, Satan plays a greater role in the manga and helps Jio become stronger (again, a similarity to Naruto and the Kyuubi).

Graphically speaking, 666 Satan is a more cartoon-ish version of Naruto. While they might seem so, the fight sequences are pretty good and the O-part effects are diverse and not just used for destruction (though most of them are used that way). Theres a catalogue of O-parts and their effects at regular intervals which allows us to keep track of the items. Overall, 666 Satan is excellent manga to read while waiting for scans of other mangas to come up.

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